Amanda Morris Photography | About

My name is Amanda and I am a photographer with a passion for capturing people and their connections. I am a lover of all things family. At the stage where I am in my life the family unit is very important and so I feel that everyone needs beautiful heirloom photographs of their little village. Not just selfies on your i-phone but amazing images to cherish for this generation and the next. 


My photography business is something that evolved over five years ago but I have been literally photographing all my life. I spent many years using and studying film and had my own darkroom set up in the laundry at home. I miss that smell and the quiet of the dark room but have fallen madly in love with editing and photoshop and you will often find me late at night at my computer working away. I am a photographer because I love it and you see that passion in everything facet of my work.

Our home life is always super busy as I also work full time at the local hospital (I have a Ba. App. Science) and am mum to two little boys (and a puppy Golden Retriever) and have a husband who is currently studying to be a school teacher. Like most other families we tackle our roles with a certain amount of trial and error. And like many other families in Broome we are without our extended village who are all over on the East Coast so we juggle our little party of five as elegantly as we can. 

Because of the constant state of busyness in our lives I take on very limited photography clients. I have discovered in the last few years that I need to improve my work/life balance and for that reason I book no more than three to four sessions per month. I can then provide a unique, boutique approach to my business where I am not overbooked and have time to dedicate towards my clients.

My approach to photography is to provide beautiful hand edited heirloom images. I strive for quality over quantify and am not a 'shoot and burn' photographer. I do not take hundreds of photos of you and hope for the best and then give them to you on a CD! I am obsessed with light and the way it falls through your hair and illuminates your skin. Light is my best friend in your photo shoot and you will often hear me saying 'we are chasing the light'. My hope during your session is that you actually forget that I'm there and interact with your family with love and meaning. When you relax and ignore my presence is when we get the most amazing images. Come to the session and spend some time with your family. Don't tell the kids to 'smile and look at the lady' - they'll hate me and you'll have your forced unnatural photos. Let them be and just be with them and do your best to forget all about me!

I spend a great deal of time on every image you purchase to ensure the best quality and I see the cost involved as an investment in you. I want to take the most beautiful photograph you have ever seen of yourself.... and I want you to print it large and hang it proudly in your home and I want you to be overcome with joy every time you look at it.

Please exist in your family photos. Too often mum (or dad)  is the one taking the photos and there are no photos of YOU. I know you don't want your photo taken - you want to get your hair done or lose a few kilos... DO NOT WAIT! What if something happens to your partner or you tomorrow? Your loved ones will go looking for something tangible they can hold onto. They won't care what you were wearing or that you thought you weren't pretty enough. They just want you...what will they find? Don't make it nothing!

Come spend some time with me and bring those you love the most. I promise it will be worth every cent you spend... and more!


The image above was taken by my 9 year old son a few nights ago on Cable Beach, Broome. He is learning the ways my young one :)