Amanda Morris Photography | Editing

Editing is often a tricky thing for photographers - and I don't mean the amount of work we have to do in order to be photoshop proficient. And let me assure you I spend waaaay more time in front of a computer than I every could behind the camera.

I mean the question is often  - how much editing to do for a client and how much 'should' be included in my pricing? And how much to charge for any additional editing (and indeed what is considered additional)?

Let me start firstly by saying a few things about editing....

1. I've worked hard to get to where I am with photoshop (my main software for editing) and I am by no means proficient. In terms of PS geniuses I am just scratching the surface. And I say this quite openly despite working on mastering this beast of a programs for the better part of the last 5 years. It truly is a mammoth program that I expect most photographers either steer away from (because its so overwhelming), or use only a small part of its editing capability. I am often asked to teach what I know about PS to other photographers - but I always decline this purely because I am still learning (and probably always will be). In downplaying my knowledge I have also learnt a tremendous amount over the last 5 years and this is evident in my images. 

2. My basic initial editing includes things like - straightening horizons, any minimal cropping (I do little cropping post processing as I prefer to get it right in camera first), white balance or colour correction and ensuring good exposure. I do all these things for the initial gallery you might see where you choose you images. I do not edit the full gallery you see - why? Because you might see 60 or so images in that initial gallery and the next editing step takes a lot of time. So I partly edit the images for you to choose the ones you want to purchase and leave all the detailed editing only for the images you are purchasing. I do this as the next editing step is highly detailed and