Amanda Morris Photography | FAQ's

Are you a Broome local?

Well we've been here 6 years now but I understand you need to be born and bred here to be considered a 'local' :) We are here as a family (with my husband and two boys and a Golden Retriever pup) and loving Broome life and all it has to offer. You can read more about me and my philosophies  in About Me

I know all the good locations for your session and am more than happy to offer you suggestions as to where works and where doesn't. I've spent much time scouting locations for shoots and am always looking for something new to offer my clients.


What types of photography sessions do you offer?

If you head on over to the Session Information tab you'll see the type of sessions I'm currently offering. This year I'm concentrating on families - that includes lifestyle newborn sessions, maternity and all types of family sessions.

Tell about about your Family sessions

Tell me about your Maternity sessions

Tell me about your maternity gowns

Tell me about your Lifestyle in-home newborn sessions

Tell me about your Personal Branding sessions


How are you different to other family photographers in Broome?

I guess if you like my style then other photographers really shouldn't matter. Its not really a competition but more a matter of finding someone who you need to photograph your family at any cost. There are a few photographers around the world that I would sell my soul to in order to have them photograph my family. That is how you should feel about me! If you love what I do then no-one else really matters.

Also having my own brood makes it easier for me to understand you and the intricate way in which families interact. I get that toddlers sometimes won't smile and look at the camera on demand and I have my own way of dealing with this. I get they might have a meltdown during the session. I get that you have bribed everyone (including your partner) to be there and be happy about it!  Know that I get it, and that what happens at a session stays at the session :)

You can sometimes walk away from a session thinking 'well the kids played up and it was a bit of a hot mess' - trust me - you will be delighted with the final results.


Why aren't you doing weddings photography anymore?

To be completely honest I just don't have the time in my schedule required for weddings. I also work at the hospital full time and that often means working or being on-call over weekends. My kids also have LOTS of activities on over the weekend that I feel I've missed out on over the last few years whilst I've been doing weddings. It also has me super crazy busy during the dry season which is predominately wedding season and I'd like to get out of town every once in a while to go camping at the weekend with the family. So I've decided no more weekend shoots as that's now family time. And by doing less by way of a massive session that is a wedding day I have more time to offer the type of session I get asked to do most - families!


Why aren't you doing posed in-studio newborn sessions anymore and moving towards lifestyle newborn sessions?

I really struggled with studio newborn stuff purely due to location and timing. If I had my own dedicated studio things might be different...

Firstly, I can only ever do newborn studio sessions during the day which is tricky with my 'other work'. I then had to offer them on a Sunday which was the only real day I could access the studio I was using (and I needed to use this studio for light and space). This became trickier when I then could only access the studio on Sunday afternoon - not an ideal time with a newborn (as the best time to do these sessions is in the morning) - also tricky for people bringing along toddlers to the session who are sleeping during the day. And Sunday really isn't an ideal day when I'm trying to reclaim weekends.

The studio I was using was a rental and I had to pay for the space and I also needed to move everything (and its alot of stuff) for the session up several flights of stairs every time I did a session. The session would take me most of the day. From planning the session at home and getting all my props ready, putting it into the car and transporting to the studio, up several flights of stairs, do the session (generally 3-4 hours) and then move everything home and wash all used props... and all on my own! And did I mention its hot in the middle of the day! To be honest pricing these sessions was really hard as the work that goes into a posed newborn session is extraordinary. If I asked for the 'actual time' I put into a newborn session the cost would be massive!

The other issue is timing - the arrival of a baby is so variable and I really struggled to schedule these sessions with my other commitments. I needed to keep several Sundays free in case baby came early or late in order to photograph at the optimum time of 5-14 days post delivery. Why? The optimum time to photograph babies for newborn posed style of session (so those cute curled up images or images of sleepy babies tightly wrapped and asleep) is before they are 14 days old - after this time they are more wakeful and lose a lot of that flexibility where they can curl their legs up like they did when they were in the womb. I can also guarantee that every beautiful images you see of babies in baskets took the photographer about 30 minutes to achieve! Yes really!! And that sort of perfection in an image can cut into your  2 hour session time!

So I've decided to stop posed newborn sessions and move more towards the lifestyle newborn/family style of photography. It's something I'm really excited about and I am not worrying about studio space, moving lots of props or timing of the session to ensure a sleepy, easy to pose baby! It makes the session more about you as a family and the new addition and tells a story about life in those early heady, hazy weeks with a new baby at home - its a personal story that has your home at its heart! Head on over here to read more about a lifestyle newborn session with pricing here

So what are you offering for newborn session?

I come into your home and photograph your new family in a relaxed, casual unposed way. I will help you where to stand to sit to get the best light or make you look your best. You can do anything you wish - sit on the couch or bed and cuddle, feed your baby, give baby a bath (or get into a big bath with them) , include fur babies in the session etc. I will do mum with baby, dad with baby, any siblings or grandparents at home with baby and then we'll do baby alone - yawns, little smile, stretches and all those little details of fingers and toes and hair

Know these images look better with less clutter in the home. I will move objects or furniture if I think that makes a beeter images for you or I have techniques I can do 'in camera' to reduces background distractions. The images will be simple and relaxed. I suggest you wear light neutral colours. Avoid blacks and bold colours or anything super matchy. Layers can help if your trying to avoid showing any extra kg's post baby (we all have them!).

I will bring a few props for your baby - a couple of wraps, hats or headbands. I will bring one prop (basket) to try to get images of your baby. It is with this image I will create for you some composites. I have another blog post on what that means here.

Know that babies can be predictable in a newborn session and thats why the lifestyle session is a better option - there is no stress of your baby is being fussy or won't sleep. For lifestyle sessions it doesn't matter and that is why these type of session are better for you and your baby - you are in your own space and I'm not spending your valuable time trying to get your baby to go to sleep.


How would you describe your style?

Thats really hard to put into words and the best place to 'see' my style as in my Portfolio. These are real images of real families. I work really hard at connecting with my clients and finding out what they 'need' from a session. I work during a session at both casual non camera aware photos where I do my best to encourage you to 'forget I'm here' - its in these moments that you let yourself just relax with your family and forget all about the camera that I capture true emotion and natural expression. I also do quite a bit of 'posed' stuff also which means you have a variety of styles of images in you gallery.


Explain what you mean by 'posed'?

Its sounds super scary doesn't it - 'posing'! But most people are neither experienced or comfortable in front of the camera and I as your photographer need to be able to give you some sort of direction that makes you look great and feel great.

Imagine you turn up to a photo session. You may have never done anything like this before and I have a big camera and I say 'just go over there and be yourself"... whats going to happen? - you're going to freak out a bit and have no idea in this scenario of 'how to be yourself" and you look stiff and awkward and anything but yourself. And yet its something many photographer still say to their clients. I don't want to take photos where you look nervous and stiff - I want you to look natural and relaxed and beautiful. And this is where posing (and not just any posing, but good posing) comes into play. I have studied from posing masters and know that when you come to me for a session and you look to me for direction I will help you with that. I will put you in beautiful light and help you look your most beautiful and relaxed. If you look at any image in my portfolio there will have been some degree of direction that went into achieving that look.


Where can I find your prices?

Head on over here and you'll find pricing for my sessions. I believe in making my pricing transparent and showing you exactly how much the session with cost and what options you have for purchasing prints and digitals.

Please explain your pricing?

The current costing and process is as follows and can be found here under each appropriate type of session

  1. Once you have decided you want to do a session with me and we have a date for the session that suits both of us you go ahead and pay the session fee. This is $150 and covers just the session - this get me and the shoot. It covers my time, editing and your private on line gallery of your images after the session. The session fee is due and payable to lock in your session. This does not include any digital files or prints.
  2. After the shoot I do a brief edit on all your images and I email you a link to a private gallery.It's usually more than 50 images for you to choose from. This is when you choose from the option of collections I have on the website.  You have an option within the gallery to choose your favourite images for purchase. You don't have to decide on the collection or indicate to me what you would like to purchase until after you see your images in the gallery
  3. Once you have chosen the package you want to purchase, the final payment is due and payable and then I do a final edit on your images and they are hand delivered to you on a USB in a linen collection box.

Are you prices negotiable and can I reduce the cost in any way?



I'd like to book in for a session. How do I do that?

1. Head over to this page and make sure I offer a session you are interested in and check out the pricing fits into your budget. I get budgets and won't be offended if I don't fit into your allocated costs,

2. Check out the Availability page to be sure I can see you in a time frame that suits you,

3. Once you have decided to book in, go to Booking Agreements and fill in the form and sign. It will be emailed to me. I will be in touch about your session.

4. Or, if you have enquiries about a session, use the Contact tab and email me as much information about who you are and what you need from me as your photographer.


Once I've booked in then what happens?

After you have secured your booking with the Session fee we will have several emails or phone conversations about where you'd like to have your session, who will be at the shoot, what you're going to wear and what you want out of the session. I will give you a definite date about 6-8 weeks prior to the session. I follow up with a confirmation email once I give you your date and then again a few days before your session.


What happens after the session?

In the day or so after the session I will post a watermarked sneak peek on social media (please let me know if you prefer no social media). I will then get to work and do a 'light edit' on all the great images from your session. A light edit is done as I will probably present you with over 50 images and I won't fully edit them until you decide you'd like to purchase them. This is becasue a full edit can take 30-40 minutes per image! 

About 3 weeks after your session I will email you with a link to a private, password protected like to your online gallery. Know that after your session I am working very hard to get your images to you as quickly as possible as I understand you are keen to see them. Also I am excited to show them to you and from a business perspective it's nice to get paid for all my hard work - and of course this doesn't happen until after I present the gallery. So know I am busily working away and certainly won't hold up delivering your images for a second longer than I need to. Please consider that I also work full time (which sometimes involves me working 2 weeks straight without a day off as well on call overnight that leaves me having very little sleep)) and I have two small children and a very busy home life. I am also a creative and won't have my creative process rushed. I am sure that you understand and value the time and effort I put into your final product. 

Your on-line gallery  - This is where you see all your images and can go ahead and choose your favourites (there is an option to make an image you 'favourite') and I will then be able to see those you have chosen on my interface of your gallery. This is also where you choose which collection you will purchase. You will be given a short time limit of 5 days on the gallery to make your selections. Once you have done this you can email me to let me know you are finished and which Collection you would like to purchase. This is when I ask for payment in full and I then go ahead and do a full and final edit of your images so they are high resolution and print ready.

Can I share the images posted on Facebook/Instagram? 

Yes, you can tag yourself and share the images I post of you on Facebook and/or Instagram. However please remember that these images may not belong to you as yet as you have NOT purchased them (if they are a sneak peek). I work very hard to create images that reflect you and your family, while keeping in line with my artistic vision and creativity. I know you will want to share them and include a sneak-peek for that very reason. However, I ask that you simply link back to my website/facebook page instead of right-clicking, saving, and sharing the image via your own page. I hope that you will respect not only my hard work, but the time, money, and dedication that I have put into training and equipment to capture these images for you. Please do not steal them.


What about the images on the gallery - can I share those too?

Good lord no and I, (and all professional photographers), consider this stealing!

I choose to show my clients watermarked images on line rather than in person for many reasons (and I trust they respect me in this), but I do expect that any images shown via the gallery will stay on the gallery and not find be screen captured! Why - firstly they are not fully edited, are watermarked and very low resolution and do not as yet represent images I want linked to my name. Secondly I really would consider this stealing and have to ask you to cease and desist from screen capturing a digital file that is not as yet full resolution nor fully edited. It also breaks my heart when I see clients capture a watermarked image from their gallery, share it to social media and then not purchase it as one of their favourites - you can understand that right? I kinda make a bit of a living of the sale of those digital files and I would hope my clients know and respect this.

A little about Copyright of the images

Amanda Morris Photography retains all copyrights to all images created during client’s session. A print release will be given with digital files to print portraits for personal use up to designated size listed on print release. The print release does not allow publication of your portraits (i.e. entering in contests), selling or altering of your images without the photographer’s written permission. It is illegal to copy, scan, download, print, share, alter, or otherwise steal any image created by Amanda Morris Photography, images posted in an online proofing gallery, blog, Facebook, or hard copy images. If client steals images via any method listed above, or any other method, client will be invoiced for the cost of EACH digital image client has stolen, at photographer’s current price per digital file. (this section is in the Booking Agreement you sign before the session)

I've chose and paid for my Collection - now what happens with delivery of my images?

Once I have completed your final edit I will put them onto a custom USB and into the presentation box appropriate to the Collection you have chose. This takes about a week but will be longer if you have chosen a Collection with prints. I will email you once everything is ready and hand deliver to your address - you don't get service like that much anymore :)


Can I choose to buy more images at a later date once the gallery is closed?

All images purchased by the Client will be digitally stored by Amanda Morris Photography for 12 months, after which they will be deleted. Images not purchased by the client will be held for 12 months before being deleted.

It is the client’s responsibility to back up their digital images and Amanda Morris Photography will not be held accountable for faulty digital media after the client has been in possession of the USB flash drive containing their images for one week.


Tell me about the files I receive? How do I print them?

I truely believe that you should not leave your images sitting on a USB in a desk drawer - please, please print them. Great print makes me very happy - notice there I said "great print". 

On your USB you will receive 2 folders both with the same images - one as HR and one as LR.

The HR - High Resolution are the money shots! These are really all you need and they are what you will print from. They are big files! And that is why I also give you LR, or Low Resolution files - they are smaller files and more appropriate for social media, emailing etc. But please don't print from the LR files! However, should you choose to take your images (that you have spent good money on) to the kiosk at the chemist (and I know some of you will which is why you get the LR files) the HR files are too massive for the simple little kiosk printer to recognise - but they will see the LR files and you can print from these - just don't tell me or show me as it will break my heart. And I promise you the LR files printed at the chemist kiosk will be CRAP! Once you have your USB you will also see I give you a list of professional print laboratories all over Australia for your printing needs. I take no responsibility for images printed elsewhere if you have poor prints. Buyer beware - if it's cheap there is a reason!


Do I receive the 6x4" prints of all the images in the gallery?

If you have purchased Collection 1 there will be no prints delivered to you with your USB. 

If you purchase Collection 2 you will get the 20 digitial files you have chosen to purchase as the 6x4" prints and so forth


What’s the best time of the day for our shoot?

I always schedule my outdoor sessions in the last few hours of the day. Its really about finding the most flattering light for you and hard midday sun is just awful. We could also shoot at sunrise, but I'm just not a morning person :)

I realise that this can be a tricky time for toddlers as it often runs into the witching hour. Bring snacks and a sense of humour and we'll be fine!


The light up here in Broome is great huh! You must find it so easy to shoot anytime?

Actually that could not be further from the truth. The light up here is mostly hard and harsh and yellow! And I'm often fighting colour casts from the vast amount of red and yellow - not so flattering on the skin! I thought it was easy when I came here and I suspect other photographer start out feeling the same, and then quickly come to realise that nailing the light up here is actually really hard. Your investment paying for those years of experience I have with the light and knowing how to use that light in the most flattering way. It really is about harnessing the quality of light and not the quantity of light.


My kids play up at the session. What should I do?

As a parent I want you to do a few things at the session.

1. Don't build the session up to be bigger than Ben Hur 

2. Please don't ever get cross or rouse on them during the session if they are not looking at me or smiling at the camera. Nothing annoys a kid off more quickly than being told to 'look at the camera and smile'. And much of my beautiful work happens when you're all not looking at me but just looking at each other and enjoying being together

3. Don't point at me and tell them to smile. All I get is photos of you pointing at me!

4. Don't worry if you think the session is aa bit of a hot mess! It really isn't and it's often the way family sessions with toddlers can go. I have noticed over the years that it's just that 2-4 year old age group that get to the location and want to play and run. Please  know if you have children in this age group that we possibly won't get a photo of everyone smiling at the camera and thats ok. Also be prepared to run about - alot!  I incorporate play into the sessions to keep them interested and if you have anything you would like to bring then please do so. Eg - bubbles, toys, books etc. It can also be helpful to bribe a family friend who can help wrangle the children during the session. I can provide an assistant, but the extra charge I will add on will be more than it will cost you for a bottle of wine for your friend to help out for an hour or so!


My child is sick on the day of the session. What do I do?

Please contact me either via email or phone (I am always checking both). We can always reschedule which is preferable to an unhappy, unwell child. Please also remember I have children too so I get that they are sometimes feeling under the weather. I also don't want to bring home any bugs to my own babies.


What's in your bag?

I am a Nikon shooter. I have two full frame Nikon bodies and about six high end Nikon lenses ranging from 24-200mm. They are literally the best money can buy. I take great pride in my gear.

I also have a range of flashes and transmitter/receivers for when I need to shoot with flash. Tripod, monopod, reflectors, millions of blankets, baskets and boxes etc. I've basically spent the last few years re-investing back into the business by way of gear and equipment. I believe in a boutique philosophy to my photography - you pay for the best and I will bring you the best.


Do you have professional liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance?

Of course. Please ask you photographer if they have insurances this as it tends to be a point of difference when employing a professional photographer.

I also have insurance on all my gear.


Do you supply us with the unedited/partly edited or RAW files?

Never and please don't ask. It’s like ordering only the raw ingredients at a restaurant. Would you ask the chef to bring out an uncooked steak? A professional photographer is not just about taking photos and giving them to you. Every single image goes through an editing process that is done with my own version of creativity and style. My style comes both from the image straight out of camera (what I have done during the shoot to achieve that look) and what I have done in my editing process. Its my own set of secret herbs and spices that I won't share :)


Are you on Instagram and Facebook?

Definitely, you can find me through the links below




Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes, I do however this comes with a warning! Read this post first before you go ahead with buying a gift voucher. 


Do you travel outside Broome?


At this time I have to decline any offers of travelling outside Broome. Purely due to the time it takes to get to locations outside Broome. If you wanted to charter me a flight though I'd have to reconsider.... :)