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Four facts about maternity photoshoots...

1. I strongly believe EVERY woman should have beautiful heirloom images of their pregnancy (not just bathroom mirror selfies!),

2. You DO look beautiful. Very soon you will have a tiny human to take care of and your pregnancy and the way your body looked (and felt) will become a memory. You will want to remember after your belly is gone and your children will adore to see photos of them in your tummy!

3. I help you with where to stand in order to show off your bump so you will more beautiful than you have ever seen yourself look in photos... I promise!

4. You will enjoy it and maybe even your partner will too (I always tell partner to feel free to bring an esky with their beverage of choice - keeps everyone happy!)

What I want for you from your maternity shoot

1. I want you to feel beautiful,

2. I want you to feel comfortable,

3. I want you to have some amazing documentation of an incredible time in your (and your partners) life.

Before your maternity session

If you are active, working out, practicing yoga ,or anything else that requires body movement, the pregnancy session should be fine. However, if you have not been active you could find it an exhausting experience. Once the body starts moving and the back is arched, the baby will often move and wiggle. It is best to clear your schedule for the day of your session. Take the time to eat and drink well and simply enjoy yourself so you’ll be totally relaxed and rested. Make the day all about you. Since this is such a special time, you might like to get pampered and have your hair and makeup done. 

When is the ‘best time’ for pregnancy photos?

Well there is no one right answer, as everybody is so different.“Usually" the time between 28-34 weeks is a good time. Two basic rules of thumb are: You want your belly to be nice and round, and you want to be in a place where you are feeling good without too much swelling. The farther along you progress in your pregnancy, the more uncomfortable you will be and the chances of swelling increase.It is also important to remember that the body will react differently with each child. More often then not, you will show quicker in the the second or third pregnancy as your body quickly remembers what’s going on. It will also be harder on those mummas heavily pregnant during the steamy wet season.

What to wear/bring?

I have a selection of maternity gowns (maternity gowns) that I have purchased specifically for my maternity photography sessions. They are a beautiful selection of flowing gowns, skirts, bandeaux’s and tops designed for the pregnant belly. Please feel free to bring your own outfits and I always ask you come wearing a pair of nude coloured knickers and a nude strapless bra. We can discuss clothing options in the pre- consultation stage.

I do not charge extra for children or spouses and fully encourage their involvement in the maternity session. For partners clothing, I suggest solid and simple and no thin pin stripes. Tees, polos or dress shirts are all fine - just keep them solid. I suggest a light and a dark shirt to adjust to what Mama is wearing. It is suggested to dress according to one’s own personal style. Shoes are optional. Accessories always welcome.

Other things you might like to bring to the photoshoot Ultrasound photos! Baby booties! Balloons! Nursery items! Personal momentos.

What to expect during the session? Amanda Morris Photography  Broome Maternity PhotographyAmanda Morris Photography Broome Maternity PhotographyAmanda Morris Photography Broome Maternity Photography

On location shoots are 60-90 minutes long and commence about an hour before sunset which change depending on the time of year. I have a selection of locations for your maternity session which we can discuss at time of booking - ultimately the choice is yours as to the location but I know the area and am happy to guide you. Maternity sessions will be different to any other photo shoot you will ever have. We want to photograph your beautiful growing belly and the changes in your body. Most women feel self conscious in front of the camera at the best of time and during pregnancy is no exception. In this photo shoot I will guide you with how and where to stand. It is a session where there is a bit of posing done in order to flatter your belly. I will move and direct you and we have lots of fun in these sessions. We will discuss how you are feeling prior to the shoot starting. Drink lots of water during the session and there is plenty of time during the session to rest and have a breather.

I want you to feel and look beautiful during your session. The female form is a beautiful thing and is spectacular when pregnant. We will discuss in your initial consultation what you feel comfortable with regarding nudity - some pregnant women choose this time to do a few tasteful nudes/topless photographs. Know that these are intimate and kept very private. 


Once you have decided to go ahead with a session please fill on this Booking Agreement. Please wait until I confirm I have an availability for you before going ahead with payment of the Session Fee


Session Fee  | $150

This includes a 60-90 minute on location photoshoot (weekdays only) in Broome. It is inclusive of my time and passion for photography, editing of your images, a private on-line viewing gallery and social media sneak peeks (should you wish) for you to tag and share. It is also inclusive of the use of my high end maternity gowns reserved only for my clients. 

Exclusive of digital files. Images sold separately

Cost of the session is payable prior to the session to lock in your session.

The Collections do not need to be paid for or decided upon until after you view your online gallery

After your session you will be emailed a link to a private on-line gallery of all your images. You may chose your images for purchase from this gallery


You can either pay the Session Fee of $150 via the "Add to Cart" Paypal button, or you can email me and make a direct deposit or cash payment  



Collection 1:    $500

  • 10 High Resolution Digital images on USB
  • Linen USB presentation box
  • Sorry but no prints with this option 

       NB: This is the minimum spend.


Collection 2:    $995

  • 20 High Resolution Digital images on USB,
  • 6×4 inch prints of your 20 selected images in linen presentation box


Collection 3:    $1450

  • 30 High Resolution Digital images on USB,
  • 6×4 inch prints of your 30 selected images in linen presentation box


Collection 4:    $1900

  • 40 High Resolution Digital images on USB,
  • 6×4 inch prints of your 40 selected images in linen presentation box Amanda Morris Photography  Broome Maternity PhotographyAmanda Morris Photography Broome Maternity PhotographyAmanda Morris Photography Broome Maternity Photography


Collection 5:    $2300

  • 50 High Resolution Digital images on USB,
  • 6×4 inch prints of your 50 selected in linen presentation box




Upgrade: Any additional images can be added on to any Collection at a cost of $50/digital file

Digital files only sold. I do not sell prints without you purchasing the corresponding digital file

Print options available. Please enquire for pricing.

Note that the prices are fixed and not negotiable and are current as at June 2018.   

Amanda Morris Photography  Broome Maternity PhotographyAmanda Morris Photography Broome Maternity PhotographyAmanda Morris Photography Broome Maternity Photography